Did you get the Tshirt?

AF7A58DC-063D-415C-B2E5-8E92F95A7913 2** Make sure you follow our website…so you don’t miss an estate sale or a tale!! Hey… that rhymes!  **

This sale will go down in history as ‘remember that sale where the lady chased the cars?’ Yes….. a legend has been born folks.

The reason we love what we do is that every sale is completely different!!!  We love all sorts of sales – sure we adore the million dollar fare, but give me a good sale out in the middle of a country road with a crazy lady who lives in the trailer who chased cars cussing and spitting up a storm and boom – you have our Warrior Sale.

Think of the worst things that could happen in the middle of the country on a dirt road…. think Deliverance kind of things only no pigs or squealing.  EXACTLY.  You come up with our merry customers are happily heading to our sale when they come to a point in the road where a trailer is on the left and a lady is chasing you spitting cursing and telling you to turn around and go the other way.  You floor it leaving her far behind in the rear view mirror – finally arriving to the sale (that was a long dirt road wasn’t it?!) with everyone telling tall tales of the crazy lady in the trailer.  Witnessed by the masses.  cobb co yard sale

Fun stuff these estate sales.   You survived.  There’s a Tshirt coming – seriously.

We love ya’ll! Completely!!!

Mooowah!!  Kimy & Crew



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