customer-loveWe LOVE our customers —  and if you’ve been to our sales you’ll know this.  Our sale days are high energy and fun! However —  a few things we’ve seen over the years that may be helpful — and especially helpful at OUR sales.  We want your experience to be pleasing — we can’t please everyone — however we surely do try.  :::::turning cartwheels::::::  

As for the some of the verbage below – that may sound a wee bit caustic – it’s unfortunate but we must add it into our webpage content to protect ourselves in the unfortunate event conflict arises (only a 1% of the population – wish it was not needed – blah).    

For our 99% of the most wonderful customers out there —  not intended for you!

Please note a few things:

  • ITEMS NOT PRESENT WHEN SALE BEGINS: When we post an ad, you expect items to be there when we open the doors first day.  HOWEVER — it’s not OUR stuff!  Clients (i.e. owners of said stuff) can remove things throughout the entire sale!  It’s part of our business when customers show up and some things may not be present — because owners may remove them.  WE HAVE NO CONTROL over that.  It’s really sucky for us and you — but it’s beyond our control.   Thanks for understanding that. MISSING ITEM POST 
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL  – It’s YOUR responsibility to try out, inspect, look over any item you are buying.  Plug it in and look it over.  Review, research and ponder BEFORE you buy.   ALL SALES ARE FINAL — NO REFUNDS! 
  • 1 (1)
  • USING CREDIT CARD / DEBIT CARD: –  ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  Purchases are deemed to have accepted the goods and possession thereof upon execution of the credit sales transaction and agree not to cancel a credit sale.  Cancellation after a sale subjects purchaser to civil and criminal liability.  There are no refunds. 
  • If you purchase something, you MUST pick it up within the days of the sale.  If you DECLINE to pick up items, after you have paid, we have NOT been able to sell them – thus they have not SOLD – this means YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED ANY AMOUNTS CHARGED just because you changed your mind.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 
  • PETS:  Any photos of pets are for my enjoyment only.  We do NOT sell pets I assure you.  I just think they’re cute.  Thanks!
  • IMG_3746MOVING FURNITURE:  We cannot per insurance HELP YOU MOVE FURNITURE!  You must have someone in place to help you, or we can give you a list of moving companies we work with to help you move your items.  You must be VERY CAREFUL in moving your items — if you damage the home while doing this for whatever reason — you’re responsible for repairs. We can provide you with a LIST of local movers.
  • We have a HOLDING AREA —  usually orange cones you can place your items behind by the check out area — so that your items are SAFE while you continue to shop.  If you leave your items somewhere else (say making a stack in the garage, or a bedroom) and you walk away from your stack — IT”S FAIR GAME!  That’s why we have a HOLDING AREA.
  • WE NEGOTIATE FIRST DAY —  we price things to SELL first day — thus you’re still getting a really good deal.  Our goal is make money for our CLIENTS – but also getting a good deal to our customers.  It’s a balancing act — and we’re pretty darn good at it. I feel it’s a waste of your time as a customer to say ‘come back last day’ if you are there we’ll try to work with you.    My time is precious just as yours is.
  • How to SHOP at our sales — All LARGE items and small items of monetary value are priced.  All other smalls not priced, make a stack/group of items in the holding area, and we’ll price by site/bulk at the check out.
  • VIDEO CAMERAS AT ALL SALES:  We love our micro cameras —  you wouldn’t believe some of the things we have captured!  Stolen kisses (and well — that time they went into the closet — LORDY), unusual dance moves (we play music remember?)  and then the unfortunate digging of the nose.  Ahem.  Point being —  we see you when you think we don’t.  We review ALL footage during and after the sales.  Micro cameras are the BOMB!
  • STEALING:  We are the sweetest most kindest of souls — until you mess with us.  We are super close with the POPO. And will not hesitate to call them.
  • When buying large items — make sure you get a SOLD sign to put on your item the minute you know you wish to purchase, with your name/cell/and when you’ll pick the item up.  You can still continue to shop — it just helps make sure you get the item you came for.
  • How to pay for your items:  We accept CASH – CHECKS (with proper ID – AL residents only) and PLASTIC – debit/ credit.  There’s a 3% additional FEE for credit cards — you can CHOOSE how you pay —
  • Credit Card fee:  Because you can choose ‘how’ you pay, there’s a 3% fee additional for all credit/debit.  Most estate sale companies charge a fee —  you pay sales tax and credit card fees at retail stores — we try to keep our costs to a minimum – you can pay by cash or check, but if there’s a plastic card involved the 3% fee is added on at the total.  Thanks! 
  • KEEP IT NEAT AND TIDY PLEASE!  Please keep the sale tidy — we do our best —  I know everyone’s in a feeding frenzy at the sale — but don’t make it harder on us please — put things back — don’t discard on the floor.  Thanks so much! We love ya’ll!
  • KIDS –  We adore the little whippersnappers — HOWEVER — they must remain with you by hand at all times.  If you break it — you buy it.  All children found alone will be given a large extra cocoa chocolate bar, an espresso (triple shot) and a tuba.   ::::smiling sweetly:::::::
  • RESPECT ANY TAPED AREAS/OBJECTS:  Any door taped with blue or orange tape is OFF LIMITS.  Do not open.  Any object with blue or orange tape means it’s already sold it is not be be sold.  ANYONE caught removing tape, or going into a taped off area will be asked to leave immediately and banned from future sales.  Boy are you missing out just for being nosey.
  • PARKING —  always park on the same side of the street as the home — unless given other instructions – No blocking driveways or mailboxes —  Emergency Vehicles MUST be able to pass along the street or you will get ticketed!  So please even if you have to walk —  don’t get a ticket.
  • LOADING –Driveway is for LOADING ONLY.  Do not BLOCK driveway where the estate sale is taking place.
  • SUGGESTIONS??  If you have any suggestions — or comments or heck even a complaint — please email us at   We love our industry —- and trying to make it the better experience is an ongoing art form.
  • ENJOY!  Most important of all — ENJOY the sale —  we’ve been playing a lot of ABBA lately (and maybe even dancing a bit).  So come — enjoy — meander — dance a bit —  shop a bunch —  and find a treasure or two.


Thank you!

We LOVE you guys!

Kimy & the Crew

5 thoughts on “For CUSTOMERS!

    • Hi super nice to meet you too!!! I would love to add you to my email list however the way it’s set up through the website I can’t (bummer I know). If you’ll go to the first page of our website, then to the right side there’s a place that says ‘follow us’ you’ll add your email address there and then click it. Thanks so much and hope you have a super happy hump day! (Wed that is) LOL Kimy


  1. Miss Kim,

    It’s been a while since contacting you because I returned to Arizona. In Birmingham until the 19th of June. Hope to catch one of your sales. Been house bound due to hip injury but getting better. Any guns or ammo coming up in one of your sales? My brother Roger Geesling attended one a few weeks ago but missed the guns. He came after work in the afternoon. Hope to hear from you/ Donald Geesling


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