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We sell 90/95% of what we start with — post sale remaining is removed and donated for you.  Thus you’re left with an empty house! 

call-us-bham-bhamAt Birmingham Estate Sales  , each client has different needs and we take those into consideration.  If someone has passed away, transitioning into a nursing facility, moving, or just ready to down-size …….  call us. We handle all types of sales.

1000 of estate sales under our belt in Alabama & Georgia! 

Involved in estate sale industry for decades, we are passionate about what we do – which is all we do – estate sales!   Kimy Kennedy founded two of the premiere estate sale companies in Atlanta – Peachtree Estate Sales and Atlas South Estate Sales –
Moving? Downsizing? Divorce? Re-married (and usually ‘she’ doesn’t want ‘his’ stuff – he he he), Death of a loved one? Foreclosure? 

Handling an estate and not sure what to do with all of the “stuff”?
Downsizing or ready to declutter?


An estate sale is THE option for you!

On-site estate sales are an efficient and profitable way to sell everything from household items, automobiles, antiques, collectibles and everything in between. From everyday use items, high end antiques and even the strange and unusual, we are equipped to handle it all.
Birmingham Estate Sales  has the expertise and knowledge necessary to make your sale run smoothly and successfully. Best of all, we do not charge you a dime upfront, in fact we work on commission only! We have our business down to a science and in fact are so sure of the success of your sale that we do not even require a minimum guarantee like many of our competitors. Birmingham Estate Sales specializes in handling on site estate sales in Metro Atlanta and many other surrounding areas.


Heirs, Executors, Realtors, Attorneys, and Families

Any person or family member who finds themselves needing to sell, or liquidate inherited personal property, or those who are in the position of having to liquidate their own personal property can benefit from the services of a Professional Estate Liquidator.  This may also include an office or business.

Estate Sales are no longer only thought of as the sale of the personal property of someone who has passed away.


To find out more about the estate sale process and what makes a successful sale – – – CLICK HERE!

Birmingham Estate Sales works with seniors and their children, estate executors and trustees to evaluate, sell and completely and quickly clear out the contents of the family home.


Kimy Kennedy , AEL – Owner

Birmingham Estate Sales llc

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  1. The absolute best estate sale company around hands down. They always have great sales with friendly, honest and professional staff. My first choice when searching sales.

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  2. I had such a great experience at the estate sale I visited today. Jeff and Rhonda are so friendly and helpful. I will definitely be following your sales! I’m also a real estate agent and would love to recommend you to my clients.

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  3. I just came from your Foley sale. What a neat experience. I attend sales in this area frequently and I have never dealt with nicer group of people. They actually acted like they were glad to be here (in this heat) and happy to help me with my purchases. That was a pleasure.


  4. We just cleared out my father-in-law’s house in Birmingham. I contacted Elise regarding an estate sale. She arranged to meet with us when we came from out of town. The house was filled with 60 years of saving- including a very full attic and basement. Elise was enthusiastic and a joy to work with! She handled not only the sale, but the coming and going of neighbors, dumpsters, workers and the realtor. We were only in town a few days, but she completed everything she said they would do. Not only did she sell the house contents, but also a car. I felt confident leaving her in charge, and am happy to know that things that did not sell got donated. She was always available and returned calls quickly. We received photos of the items for sale- they did a great job displaying the merchandise. I was kept informed throughout the process. I have done an estate sale In another state prior to this, so it was not my first experience. It was, however, my best experience. I would highly recommend Birmingham Estate Sales!


  5. We went to estate sale in Huntsville on Magna Carta . I have been doing this for sometime and have to say it was the best ever. Hope you have more in our area. Thanks and the workers were fantastic


  6. I would just like to ket you know that jeff and Rhonda were great!
    They’re easy to talk to and easy to deal with. I go to estate sales every week and some people put a bad taste in my mouth, maybe because they have to deal with a variety of people so its easy to become short and uncaring about your customers but they were very friendly and i enjoyed my th time at the sale. I want to follow just the sakes that they host, if there’s a way to do that. Thank you


    • Hi Martha thank you so much! We love Jeff and Rhonda too. We hope you follow all our sales! We have some incredible crews – although Jeff and Rhonda are super special to us!!!! WE appreciate you!


  7. Greatest estate sales out there. Honest, and fair… been shopping with this organization for years! Always amazed in the great buys I get… I’ve tried other sales which are generally overpriced and plane rude… every thing I’ve bought from these guys have worked and worth far more than they sell it for!!! I don’t even waist my time with other sales!!! Thank you for your great employees and most of all just politeness!!!

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  8. I love this company. There prices are more than fair, they are very honest and professional. Other estate sales just can’t compare to this one. Been shopping and following them for over two years and I’ve never been disappointed. They take the time to remember me by name…they make you feel like your a member of the family!!! Just can’t say that for other companies!!!


  9. Had a great experience this morning at an estate sale in Trussville today! Loved the music, the bundle deal and the people were very friendly 🙂


  10. Kimy & her company did a great job with my mom’s house when she was downsizing! They made it so easy & the end result was a cleared home ready to put on the market…can’t ask for more!


  11. Rhonda and crew are phenomenal! They were so helpful and we were so overwhelmed by all the great buys.
    Look forward to seeing you all again at the next sale!


  12. We had such a great time at the Sylacauga sale this weekend!! Good music and great deals!! We are definitely going to be looking for you guys again soon 🙂


  13. I always enjoy your sales. Everything is nice and neat and Barry and the other folks running the sales are helpful and kind. I highly recommend Bham estate sales.


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