Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

cp9Good Morning and Merry Christmas from Kimy and all the crew at Birmingham Estate Sales!!! 

Holiday season is completely enchanting —  we truly hope and wish you are with family and friends celebrating the season.  

Alabama is a beautiful place during the holidays. Birmingham especially has the magic of lights, celebration and joy throughout the land! 

On a side note, what to do with your tree post holiday season? Click HERE for donation sites and ideas to recycle the tree!

I always feel a bit caged once the day is through – I recommend taking a pleasant drive to Cheahaw State Park!  It’s a nice easy stroll from Birmingham.  Let the kids walk up to the highest point and look out over our lovely state.   Crisp mountain air and maybe lunch at the lodge – you’ll feel like you’ve taken a nice trip within a short distance from the city!

OR!!! Try this!!! I’m a huge movie buff – remember the movie Big Fish — the movie set is still standing from the imaginary city of Spectre AL … click HERE for a nice article on the subject.   You can put it in your GPS as well and it will take you right to it! 

Of course there’s always the movies!!!  I saw Mary Queen of Scots (brilliant and lovely to see).   Also Aquaman – which isn’t my movie genre at all — but my 22 year old son wanted to see it…. so I suffered (NOT) through  Jason Momoa who is quite the site I must say.  Ahem.

Here’s the best Christmas Towns in Alabama…click HERE   

So much to do and see in our beautiful state.   Every town large and small has it’s charm.   

We wish you the best of the season. 


Kimy Kennedy & Crew

Pip, Cricket & Bumble – estate sale Scotties











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