How to tell a ‘first edition’ book

787b0389d6bf9c7fc727fc0ef0c78d3aI’m a bibliophile — completely.  I’m a lover of books.  I have been from a very small child.  I’m also a YUGH (Donald Trumps way of saying HUGE — he he he) fan of Little Free Libraries...that’s another story for another article.  On to books and how to tell a first edition book.

It’s actually easier if I share links from other articles.  It’s not as easy as one might think to find and identify first edition books.  For those who collect these, it’s a treasure hunt and estate sales are a wonderful way to find your book treasures — either first edition or just a great book to add to your collection.



Here are the links:

How to identify first edition books by Empty Mirror Books

Quill & Brush – book collecting hints and first editions 

Book Libris – first edition books

Biblio – first edition tips 

Book Riot – identifying first edition books 

Travelin Librarian – How to identify first edition books 

Abe Books – Here’s a great video! 


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