Primitive Tobacco Baskets

4e42d932b3fd738b450168d8f596ef6cI’m using the word primitive here however….  you could also use antique… vintage really wouldn’t fit the bill.    These round or square type baskets are very shallow, not quite flat – they were used for drying tobacco leaves or herbs in some cases (large herbs because of the large open areas and loose weave obviously to let plant material begin to dry immediately).

Used in today’s world in the decorating arena, they make very handsome wall displays, perhaps on a hearth or statement piece above furniture.   They range in prices all over the chart.   I come across these quite a lot in my estate sales.

People who enjoy basket collecting have been seeking these fiercely –  so grab them if you see one at an estate sale or garage sale.  You can find them in rural areas hanging on a nail forgotten in a barn.

As you can see from the photos below, in the decorating scheme they can be used in rustic settings or more traditional themes.


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