Missing item ?

img_5103We love our customers!  Thanks everyone for attending our sales.

We would like to address something that happens ‘infrequently’ at our sales.

What happens when you get to a sale, and an item you’ve come for isn’t there?

There’s several different scenerios for this….

  • A family member may have removed the item prior to the sale with or without our knowledge.  We ask that once the ads have gone out – nothing be removed.  However….  In this case – we can simply say ‘sorry!’  It’s not our ‘stuff’…… and sometimes — infrequently — this happens.
  • If 20 people have come for the same item, 19 of those will be disappointed if they didn’t get to the item first.

We try our best to make sure you have a happy shopping experience.   We can’t please everyone — but we surely do try.

Happy treasure hunting!


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