A heart-felt THANK YOU!

cp4We want to extend a HUGE Thank you to all our clients, business associates and customers —

because of you — we were able to host an astounding

81 estate sales in 2018!!! 

For us … it’s NOT just about the monetary benefit of what we do, we truly enjoy helping people with whatever situation they find themselves in that they need our expertise in hosting an estate sale.  cp5

We’re PROUD of our knowledge, expertise in our field.  We’ve worked hard – and though we do not brag or boast – our company is among the BEST in all of Alabama – and that’s because of YOU.  Our Clients, business associates and customers.   None of this could be done without your support and referrals.  THANK YOU!


We are truly blessed to be doing what we love to do — ESTATE SALES!!!!

We are lucky  to have some of the best crews around – because they are the key to so many successful sales!

We love what we do and it shows.   We love people, places and things.  Connecting people to our sales to be successful is what we do best as a company.

You know when I first moved to Birmingham and put out our estate sale shingle, we had some other estate sale companies say some pretty ugly (really 5th grade actually) things….. like ‘You’re too silly to be a professional company – what we do in this industry is serious’.  then there was the ‘We don’t know who you think you are, but it’s obvious you don’t know what you’re doing’….. now that one took the cake.  Especially since I sold one of the leading estate sale companies in Atlanta to move to Birmingham.   I guess time tells the story —  because you can be playful, gleeful and joyful in your industry, be an expert, be professional, love what you do and be successful at it.   I think we’ve proven that point :::::crossing my eyes and sticking my tongue out at you know who…. :::::::::::

But seriously — thank you.   We are blessed.


Thank you Birmingham and Alabama!!!


Kimy Kennedy & all our fabulous crews here at Birmingham Estate Sales. Moowah!!!


Thank you to one of our dear devoted customers who put this video together for us highlighting much of our 2018.   We love our crews just as much as you do.   ::::big smiles!::::

Our year in 2018 – Thanks for watching! 

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