Merry Christmas – from our home to yours! Dec 2017

Photo Dec 24, 9 49 21 AMFrom our home to yours…whatever you celebrate — ’tis the season for festive merriment and magical moments.

I just HAD to share my Santa picture – Rich’s ATL this is 1972ish I believe…. I was 7 and feeling a bit skeptical of Santa that year. Obliviously by the look on my face.  I did however LOVE that dress.  The Peter Peter Pan collar, french cuffs and three buttons down the front were just THE BOMB at 7.  I’m kind of digging it today actually.  Hm……

I’m sure my mother was mortified as I narrowed my eyes looking at his beard thinking ‘hey…… I don’t think your beard is real dude’.  I told my parents this as we drove home in the car that afternoon.   I remember my conversations with my mother about Santa…. my dad would just smile at me and not really answer one way or the other.  Mother would try her best to sway my disbelief.   I would play along just for the fun of it.

Being festive and merry is a CHOICE…. now go be merry and festive everyone!  Cheers!

From Birmingham Estate Sales and crews — have a VERY Merry Christmas! Woot!

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