Happy Thanksgiving 2017 – from our home to yours!

AF7A58DC-063D-415C-B2E5-8E92F95A7913 2Happy Thanksgiving Birmingham!

As I sit here at the kitchen island  in my pink and white striped ‘I love Lucy’ sort of pjs…. my very sweet and talented love bug of a husband has been cooking.  Thank God for a husband who cooks (as we all know…. I do not cook – ahem).   The girls aka Pip and Cricket Scottie doggies extraordinaire are perched on their respective chairs.

Pip watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (does your dog watch TV? Pip does…all the time).  Cricket is napping.  Always napping.

I smile thinking of Thanksgivings as a child.   The minute my sister and I were on Thanksgiving break we would run downstairs to the basement and set up the card table.  Out comes the Monopoly and Life board games.  We would play for the entire WEEK of Thanksgiving break.   One game would end and another would begin.  The older I got the more I became aware she was cheating.   I never said A WORD that I knew.  If I did it would end the spell of her playing the game with me.  I loved spending time with her. Having her full attention during that game for the week of Thanksgiving break was so special to me being the younger I’m sure annoying sister.   Until other things took us away from this enchanting sisterly time as we grew into young ladies with friends, boyfriends etc that ended the board game era.

For me, when I began seeing commercials for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving a huge smile stayed on my face because it signified Thanksgiving holiday was here.    I sat glued to the television in my red flannel gown, socks and wrapped in family quilts perched on the living room sofa with my sister (until she no longer watched the parade and then I sat alone – happily watching the entire parade).  Running for a bathroom break during commercials, quickly refilling milk glass and rushing to grab anything I could from the kitchen to eat for the next parade segment.  I didn’t want to miss a thing!   From my perch on the living room sofa I could see my Grand Evie (mom’s mom) and other family and mom and dad’s friends at times sitting around the kitchen table as mom either stood cooking with a hand on her hip, spoon in the other stirring a pot of an aroma filled pot or pan.  My large round tabby cat Georgie sat beside me faithfully covered in quilts too of course.

I hope you have wonderful Thanksgiving memories that make you smile.  Build new ones to add to the old.

From Birmingham Estate Sales, and all our crews and their families…..

Happiest of Thanksgivings Birmingham! Now go eat an entire pecan pie!

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