Finding Vivian Maier

IMG_4967Other peoples things have always fascinated me – meaning why they collect this or that – their books, what inspires them…. etc etc etc (said in a very King and I way).   That’s why I have such passion for my industry and my work in estate sales.

I came across Vivian Maier in an article and made note to watch this documentary.   My husband popped me an email yesterday and asked that we watch this movie – Finding Vivian Maier; which we did last night.  OH MY WORD.  Completely captivated.  This is something I’ll watch again…and again.  Just because.

My question as we finished the movie —  how did her negatives get to the auction house to begin with?  Thankful they did.  But how?

I’ve had estate sales that my clients will say ‘I have no idea who these people are in the photographs – or where these things came from’.  It’s all a mystery to many how items are found in a family members estate.  LOVE my industry.  People places and things.  So many mysteries.

I HIGHLY recommend you watch this movie.

*You can find on Netflix


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