Re-using a painted canvas

787b0389d6bf9c7fc727fc0ef0c78d3aI have many friends who are professional artists.  Canvases can become expensive especially if you are painting larger pieces of art.   Many artists frequent estate sales, thrift shops, garage sales, etc and buy painted canvases of an unfortunate looking nature (ugly as mud).  They reuse these canvases – easy peasy.

GESSO is a substance that you can buy or make.  It’s much like thick primer white painte.  You just take a brush or roller and paint over the old canvas and voila’!  A blank canvas to create your master piece!

Here’s an instructional video — just one of many out there. <<< VIDEO>>>>

Here’s how to make your own Gesso at home  <<<GESSO AT HOME>>>>  google it as well — tons of videos out there!

Now go paint!

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