Collection Dog Figurines

IMG_3648Everyone has ‘their thing’.  Collections that is.   My collections are hard wired. I love sailboat/ ship models, dog figurines, and flying pigs.  Don’t judge.  Just ask my husband about my shoe collection.  When we first began dating — and he eventually peeked into my closet —-  I remember watching him as he opened the door and sort of stumbled back a bit.  His eyes opened wider and his mouth dropped to his chest.  I stood there blinking wondering what in the world he was gawking at.  Softly he muttered –  ‘I’ve never seen so many shoes in my life!’   I stood there blinking even faster as a pout emerged…….  Huh?  I stated gently –  ‘I’m a girl — I must have choices.’  Point made.  Ahem.

Back to my story here.  I adore dog figurines.   For me adding something to my collection isn’t about the label or brand – which isn’t the case for many.  For me it’s what strikes my fancy.  It can have a broken ear —  which makes me wrinkle my nose and think ‘ahhh — he just needs love and to be repaired’. No ryhme or reason here.  Which my husband will attest to readily.     It’s not that it’s a Royal Doulton or Made in Occupied Japan, or whatever…it’s just what makes me happy.  That’s what true collecting is about.  What floats your boat!  However, there’s also the element into identifying these collections that we take into our lives and homes (much to a spouses chagrin at times — hehehe).   Even a broken figurine (which I’ll tell you how to repair such) has character.  Perfect is quite boring sometimes.  I bond with my little fellas.

More commonly seen are Staffordshire Dogs .  Royal Doulton is another well known collectible for many things.  There are many more as you well know.

Identifying American Pottery Dogs

Doulton values at

Collectors Weekly is a WONDERFUL way to familiarize yourself with who made what

To REPAIR your treasures — here are a few helpful sites.  I use fingernail polish (it’s glazed and works much like cermaric paint.)

Collections are obtained to surround yourself with things that make you happy, inspire you.  Your home is like a nest.  Put in it things (and people) that bring pleasure.

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