P. Buckley Moss

asa fire drill

I first came across P. Buckley Moss at one of my estate sales (when I owned Peachtree Estate Sales in ATL).  This was a home in N. Atlanta – the lady of the house was from Connecticut.  The house had an upper East Coast feel.  She collected P. Buckley Moss – and she had  A LOT of her prints and a few original pieces.   I spent a lot of time in the home preparing for the upcoming sale.  The family members didn’t want much of what was in the home – so the home had a very lived in feel – as if the occupants had gone to the grocery store and were coming back at any moment – even though she had been gone for almost two years.  I’ve seen P Buckley Moss art off and on — but never on this scale.  I became very fond of many of the pieces.  And found myself sitting and smiling as I went over the extensive collection.  They are very peaceful works of art.

You can read about the artist >HERE<.     

Art is such a personal journey —  it’s interesting what you find pleasing and what moves you.  — Kimy Stewart

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