Sterling Silver – What to look for

12508733_10207369537908743_8954967296982996387_nI have clients and customers who ‘think’ they come across sterling silver pieces, but alas—  it’s about half and half on the finds.  Recently, a client came across many pieces with an interesting story.  Someone in her family had been a naval officer (they are in their 90’s now I believe).

This particular naval officer had somehow come in possession of navy platters which appeared for all purposes to be sterling silver.  They had good weight, although very tarnished and not able to read the back, I began my research which first entailed cleaning the pieces.  This is always fun and interesting work (that was a joke by the way).  To take something that is so ugly in appearance, and then bringing it back to life is tremendously pleasing to say the least (that is fun actually –I’m a nerd….what can I say).

It turned out that the platters were NOT sterling, but very handsome pieces and had sentimental value.  At our estate sales, when we come across SS pieces, we tell you to take them to someone who buys gold/silver — you’ll get much more value for the pieces than I can sell them for an an estate sale.   On how to identify SS —View this video—-HERE 


Here’s another link to identifying MARKS — Click HERE


Happy treasure hunting!

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