Portmeirion – Botanic Garden

cbbe96a29a8eef2b29b93537c588dbd9Hi – My name is Kimy Stewart and I have a dish fetish.  I know…I know…. there could be worse things in life than a dish fetish.  So let’s just roll with it baby.  ::::::turning cartwheels:::::

One of my VERY favorite patterns is Portmeirion Botanic Garden.  Introduced in 1972 it’s a favorite of many.   The appeal of this patterns hits so many different levels of ‘like’ for me — let’s see.  They are colorful and interesting.  You’ll find insects and flowers all different from piece to piece.  A true British classic. They are whimsical and make me want to eat scones and crumpets immediately and talk like Queen Elizabeth all day.  They are the creation of Susan Williams-Ellis who used early 19th Century illustrations as inspiration for these delightful dishes.  She was born in Surrey England – a completely magical place I’m certain.

Now go make me some scones.


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