OMG Facts


One of the reasons we completely LOVE what we do — are the interesting people and facts we find out on our journey in estate sales.   From customers to clients to complete hearsay – this is a fun page to share this information we’ve been gifted.  These stories may jog a memory within you – make you smile – or even make you grimace and furrow your brow!  I’ve always loved a good furrowing of the brow.

All knowledge is good knowledge – even the wackadoodle-kind.  Enjoy!

*Please correct me if I’ve relayed the information inaccurately- if you have something to share with me in regards to our lovely state of Alabama– please do!!! email me, text me, call me.  I’m all ears., 205 249 5400 

Completely smitten with a good story, sincerely yours….

Kimy Stewart – Proprietor of Birmingham Estate Sales

Let’s begin… shall we?

Camp Fire Girls, Blue Jays, Alabama Ornithological Society